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Horuxx Security is the best Offensive Security platform on the web today. We specialize mostly in a  variety of services ranging from assets recovery, fraud detection, hacking-as-a-service. At Horuxx Security, we focus a lot on fraud investigation, monetary asset recovery, data protection. Our firm consists of professionals with vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields who are equipped with the best tools necessary for reaching our objectives.

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HoruxX Security only employs the best and brightest in their respective field. We attribute much of our success to our colleagues, the broad range of expertise within the team, solid leadership and the objective of helping people.

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Assets Recovery

HoruxX Security can help you track and recover funds that was lost through malicious platforms e.g scams, crypto.

Fraud Investigation

With our extensive artificial intelligence resources we can help detect fraud.

Hacking as a Service

We provide all sort of hacking schemes including web app, mobile, network, individual hacking.

Malware Analysis

We have malware analysis specialists that can reverse engineer binaries to see how they operate.

Digital Forensics

With Digital Forensics, we uncover investigative data which can not be carried out through normal means.

Edge Protection

HoruxX Security is majorly Offensive but we also do some blue teaming like protecting edge devices.

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