Digital Forensics


What is Forensics?​

Computer forensics is a delicate science which requires specialized techniques to carefully extract highly sensitive information without affecting the integrity of the data itself. Horuxx can help individuals, legal firms, technical advisors, police agencies, courts and corporate organizations with their investigations using their team of highly trained professionals and proven expertise in computer forensics. We can recover your evidence even if:

  • The files are deleted
  • Data is hidden or hard to locate
  • Data is lost due to software/hardware corruption
  • Drives or the device is physically damaged by fire/water/accident etc.
  • Corporate investigations, Hacking, Litigation Support
  • We are industry pioneers and one of the only data recovery companies to have in- house Research and Development (R&D).
  • Our R&D team allows us to recover any technically possible case. If we can’t recover it, no one can!
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology.
  • Highly trained data recovery management experts, ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100 clean rooms enable us to provide optimum solutions to your recovery requirements.
  • We have fast and friendly customer service available immediately.
  • We offer a free initial consultation and free extensive evaluation for your storage device.
Assets Recovery

HoruxX can help you track and recover funds that was lost through malicious platforms e.g scams, crypto.

Fraud Investigation

With our extensive artificial intelligence resources we can help detect fraud.

Hacking as a Service

We provide all sort of hacking schemes including web app, mobile, network, individual hacking.

Malware Analysis

We have malware analysis specialists that can reverse engineer binaries to see how they operate.

Digital Forensics

With Digital Forensics, we uncover investigative data which can not be carried out through normal means.

Edge Protection

HoruxX is majorly Offensive but we also do some blue teaming like protecting edge devices.

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