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Horuxx is the best Offensive Security platform on the web today. We specialize mostly in a  variety of services ranging from assets recovery, fraud detection, hacking-as-a-service. At Horuxx, we focus a lot on fraud investigation, monetary asset recovery, data protection.

After a thorough review of your case we will give you our professional analysis of your chances of success. Each case we accept has unique characteristics and requires slightly different strategies necessary to recover your funds. Please contact us to review your case.

Because each case is different, no exact length can be ascertained before the casework commences. The process of building a case takes a considerable amount of time; this timeline takes into account communication between your legal representatives and the third-parties with whom we engage. We will communicate to you every time a document is delivered and endeavor to keep you informed of your case’s progress as it develops.

Computer forensics is a delicate science which requires specialized techniques to carefully extract highly sensitive information without affecting the integrity of the data itself. Horuxx can help individuals, legal firms, technical advisors, police agencies, courts and corporate organizations with their investigations using their team of highly trained professionals and proven expertise in computer forensics.

We apply industry standards, regulations and best practices to objectively assess the risks to your information security assets. As a result, you have a thorough understanding of where you’re most vulnerable and a plan to manage the risk.

Transparency, quick and sound delivery. Horuxx fully discloses the methods, tools, and configurations used to perform analysis work for our customers, so that they can easily adopt our processes for their benefit.

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